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Ooh It's Kinda Crazy...

HA.What an asshole song.
ANYWAY... I can't fucking wait until July 3rd when I'm home and can stay there for the rest of the summer.I've come to the conclusion that I hate traveling and unless I'm going somewhere really awesome with friends,fuck vacation.Oh yeah,John and Brandon,you fuckers have to go to the Carnival thingie or w/e u want to call it by the Jewel on the 4th of July.We're all going I think,it would be fun,last year was at least.
I'm so playing with this Polish pen that pops a boner when u pull the middle of it down,I told you about that in Gym,didnt i john? i think i did.. but w/e its fuckin amusing as Hell.. I'm hungry as hell too... I go downstairs for food right? and theres NO CHEESE.And some asshole ate all the cookies.. and so i find a Hersheys bar,and get all excited and then my moms like "Heh,thats mine,you can only have half.." Thats a shitty deal..
Well...I'm going to go search deeper for some damn cheese..... later
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